world champion
walter skoff

attentive. focused. passionate.

In professional circles, he is also known as “Mr. Sauvignon”: in southern Styria, you can’t get past winemaker Walter Skoff, especially when it comes to Sauvignon blanc. As a fourth-generation winemaker, winemaking is practically in his blood, but high standards of quality and the pursuit of new things characterize his work every day.

the winery

Walter Skoff has been running the winery for almost 40 years. Back then, he took over a small business with around 2 hectares of vineyards from his father – the winery now has around 60 hectares. The 13 vineyards include first-class vineyards such as Ried Kranachberg, Ried Obegg, Ried Hochsulz and Ried Grassnitzberg. Consideration for nature is the be-all and end-all in viticulture, which is why Walter Skoff attaches great importance to careful observation of the annual vegetation. Healthy and ripe grapes are the prerequisite for stable quality at a high level and make the perfect development of aromas, fruit and fragrance possible in the first place.

sauvignon blanc kranach-

The “Denis Dubourdieu Trophy” of the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon is awarded to the best Sauvignon blanc of the competition. In 2017, the Skoff Original Sauvignon Blanc Kranachberg 2015 was awarded the coveted title, which stands for the purest and most refined Sauvignon character. A masterpiece, so to speak, bottled and the culmination of decades of commitment to Styrian wine.