world champion
hannes dreisiebner

mindful. constant. imaginative.

With more than 20 years of experience in winemaking, Hannes Dreisiebner knows exactly what distinguishes a good wine from an excellent wine. Working in the wine cellar is what inspires him and where he reinvents himself as a winemaker year after year. With a great deal of attentiveness, a good knack for the right timing and the courage to implement new ideas, Hannes Dreisiebner has long been an integral part of the Austrian wine scene.

the winery

The “Dreisiebners” have been a constant in southern Styria with their winery for more than 100 years. The awards that the winery receives time and again for its diverse creations are also consistent. The wines come from the Zoppelberg vineyard – one of the oldest registered vineyards in the whole of Styria – and Hochsulz, one of the best vineyards in the region. Hannes Dreisiebner is responsible for the wine, while his cousin Rudolf is in charge of the vineyards – together they prove that a well-coordinated team can achieve great things.

sauvignon blanc hochsulz

The title “Revelation Unoaked Sauvignon” at the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon in 2019 went to the Sauvignon blanc Hochsulz 2017. A classic wine matured in steel tanks, which stood out among the wines submitted with its fruity bouquet and fine elegance.