world champion
Peter and
Markus Skoff

grounded. purposeful. family-conscious

The family around the Peter Skoff – Domäne Kranachberg winery has been firmly rooted in southern Styria for generations. Today, it is winemaker Markus Skoff who sets the tone as cellar master at the winery – calm but determined, grounded but still open to new ideas. Together with father Peter and brother Peter Jr., the winemaking trio preserves the regional wine culture to the best of their knowledge and belief.

the winery

The Skoff family winery is located in the middle of its own vineyards on the Kranachberg in Gamlitz and covers around 30 hectares of vineyards in southern Styria. For the family, wine and emotions are inseparable – in nature, in the cellar and in the glass. The wines should tell stories of the cool nights in the region, the steep vineyards and the many hours of sunshine – and most importantly: stories of love and utmost care. This is how world-class wines are created.

sauvignon blanc kranach-

The world champion wine of the 2022 Concours Mondial du Sauvignon comes directly from the Kranachberg vineyard: the Sauvignon blanc Kranachberg Reserve 2015, matured in oak barrels. It impressed the jury with its rich diversity and was awarded the “Tonnellerie Sylvain Trophy” for the best “Oaked Sauvignon” of the competition. 224 more wines matured in wood were submitted this year – more than ever before.