world champion
mario weber

close to nature. patient. farsighted.

Mario Weber discovered that the winemaking trade was something like his destiny as a “young lad” when he was given the small vineyard by his grandmother and took over responsibility for around 1 hectare. Today, Mario Weber is responsible for the wines of the Kodolitsch winery: with a great deal of patience, a willingness to take risks and careful work in harmony with nature, he produces world-class wines – which, by the way, are best known at the winery as T.M.S. (“Trink ma sölba” – translates to wines which are so good that they would best like to drink themselves).

the winery

Around 300 years of history surround the Kodolitsch winery near Leibnitz in southern Styria. In the days of the monarchy, the Kodolitsch family owned 120 hectares of vineyards that stretched as far as “Lower Styria”, today’s Slovenia. Today, Mario Weber and his team look after 12 hectares of vineyards, which are cultivated using controlled, integrated methods. The number one passion is clearly wine, but right behind it comes art – the two enter into a unique liaison at the Kodolitsch winery and create a special atmosphere.

sauvignon blanc ried

The world champion is clearly from the “Trink ma sölba” category – after all, Mario Weber was the second Austrian ever to bring the “Denis Dubourdieu Trophy” to southern Styria with the Sauvignon bBanc Ried Rosengarten Reserve T.M.S. 2015. Aromas of lavender, garden herbs and lime come together to create a playful wine with an exotic note.