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“Accolade” for world champion winemakers

In addition to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the sommelier association, the three world champion winemakers in attendance were also able to enjoy a very special honor: they were swiftly made members of the Brotherhood of St. Cristoph – in the truest sense of the word. With the words “According to old brotherhood custom, you belong in our midst with this stroke” and a 15.5 kilogram sword from the 14th century, Mario Weber, Roland Riegelnegg and Florian Lieleg were struck to become the newest members of the oldest charitable association in the Alps. The brotherhood, which has existed since 1386, is committed to helping people in need – especially families with children. The members of the Brotherhood meet weekly in the Wine Dome of the Hospiz Alm am Arlberg to discuss current affairs, welcome new members and enjoy selected wines together.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for this great opportunity, the fantastic tasting and the impressive hospitality – it was a pleasure!

Southern Styria meets Vorarlberg

The seven winegrowers from Southern Styria were represented by Mario Weber from Weingut Kodolitsch, Roland Riegelnegg from Weingut Riegelnegg-Olwitschhof and Florian Lieleg from Weingut Adam-Lieleg. With numerous Sauvignon Blancs from the world champion vineyards and other “Signature Sauvignons” in their luggage, the winegrowers delighted the members of the Vorarlberg Sommelier Association all along the line. President Willi Hirsch, who was responsible for the wine selection of a renowned hotel in Lech am Arlberg for many years as a qualified sommelier, was impressed: “That was one of the best wine tastings I have ever experienced.”

“World champion winemakers” as guests at the Hospiz Alm on the Arlberg

The world champion winemakers recently made their way from southern Styria to the Arlberg at the invitation of the Vorarlberg Sommelier Association. The destination of the trip? The Hospiz Alm am Arlberg, or more precisely the “Wine Dome” there, or rather the extensive wine world of host Adi Werner, which is considered a true cult location among wine connoisseurs. One of the most extensive wine collections in the world is hidden here at the foot of the Arlberg – with around 7,000 big bottles, the largest Bordeaux large bottle collection in the world is stored behind thick iron gates, some of which have even been specially bottled for Werner. The exclusively designed ambience is perfect for tastings. The well-known sommelier Willi Hirsch, President of the Vorarlberg Sommelier Association, knows this too – and has therefore invited the world champion winemakers to the Hospiz Alm for an extraordinary tasting.